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Full Version: Feature Request - Beep on DSSkey attendant transfer
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When our receptionist transfers a call to someone with the DSSkey attendant transfer button, there is no beep when or indication when the call has actually been transferred. She might say something like "here's the call" but we don't know if it takes 1 sec. or 5 sec. for her to hit the transfers button. So there's an awkward silence when the transfers happens, they "Hello, Hello, are you there"...

Please add a beep when an attendant transfers takes place.
Do you mean that when A have an active call with B ,and A want make the attend transfer to C ,A will press transfer button and dial number and press OK to make a call to C firstly .Then A and C set up an active call and B is hold .Then A want to finish attend transfer to C ,A press transfer button again ,now call is set up between B and C ,and do you want phone can play beep to remind C that call is transfer successfully here?

May I know which brand of phone support this feature ?

Thank you .
BR ,
Yes it sounds like you have the scenario correct.
I'm not sure what phone brands can do this. We only have Yealink phone. We can do this with FreeBPX's DTMF keys, but then we lose the advantages of the DSS keys.
Do you mean that PBX will send DTMF to C phone after attended transfer finished ?I think this is good idea for PBX to do this ,because PBX will know when the transfer is done correctly .

I'm also interested in this feature.
Asterisk+Freepbx support "beep on transfered call". After you press *2 for attended transfer and ## for blind transfer the party that receives the transfer hears a beep.
It would be very useful to have that option on the phone on our phones since they have dedicated buttons for that.
Yealink transfer button rely on SIP protocol rather than Asterisk/FreePBX transfer method.
After seeing a regular SIP call flow I think Yealink could easily play a beep when the phones receiving the transfer, send the last SIP BYE to the phone that started it.

Could we have the option "Play beep on transfer" in next firmware, please? Smile
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