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Full Version: double tone
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while ringing i hear double (different) tones like i'm ringing to 2 different phones at the same time : I've 2 w52p and both of them have the same problem, how can i solve this ?
Hi fropa,

Please access to the phone->features->180 Ringing.
Disable the 180 Ringing. Like below picture.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=883]

default it's disabled on my w52p too.Can you help me ?

we have the same Problem! This happened to me after Update the Base-Firmware to

It was disabled by default at my device also.

I enabled the feature, and now i only have one dial-tone - but this is not correct configuration now, isn't it?

Please give us some feedback regarding this function! thanks

Also, the german translation has nothing todo with it's function:
The regarding translation is: Vermitteln durch Auflegen
this means: transfer through hangup!
"Ringing" should be translated with: "Klingeln"
Please fix this and inform us, when this is done, thanks!

me again: i want to add, that if i enable the feature it does only give me one dialtone when i call my mobile only! if i call other numbers (fixed lines..) i still hear two dialtones!

please provide a fix for this issue as fast as possible, and please fix the copy&paste-mistake in the german translation as mentioned above. (i now have seen that you just took the translation 4 rows on top of the right one..)
Has anyone had any luck with fixing this?
Hello again,

YEALINK??? ARE YOU THERE? This is a half year old..... has this been fixed????
Hi all,

Sorry for not updating in time. We lost the post before.
Can you please upgrade to V73 firmware then do a factory reset and try again?

If the problem persist can you please send pcap trace, level 6 syslog and config.bin file so we can do an analysis.
How to get these files:

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