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Full Version: Feature Key synchronization
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I'm trying to configure phones T2xP, using v72, with Feature Key synchronization.
If I enable only this variable (bw.feature_key_sync = 1), subscribe is sent to the server but when changes are done on DND or fwd no subscribe is sent to notify changes.
If I set bw.enable = 1 feature works correctly but a new menu is available (call control) and we don't want it.
I tried combinations of account.1.sip_server_type set to default and Broadsoft but with the same result.
How should I configure this feature?
Hi ammcosta,
Gennerally, user set the Feature Key synchronization in the Broadsoft, so we let user muset enable the BW feature then can use it.
But we will change it in the next version called V73.
Then if you enable the broadsoft feature, the call control will be available. I will attach the CFG files to you, please check below link to download it.
>>call control autop<<

Please try below steps:
1.Put the GUI_setting.cfg file into your http/tftp server.
2.Modify the web_item_level.url parameter in the web_gui_item.cfg file. Modify this url into yours.
3.Use web_gui_item.cfg file to do auto provision.

After auto provision, the call control menu won't hide entirely, but it will hide the feature belong to broadsoft.
I tested it in the T22 latest firmware version If it can't work after above steps, please upgrade the firmware to latest version and try again. You can get the latest version firmware from Yealink official website.

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