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Full Version: Syntax for Direct IP call without SIP proxy
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T19P specs list the feature "Direct IP call without SIP proxy".

A SIP address takes the format sip:user@address. So if I am adding a direct dial number in my local directory, how should the syntax be constructed? I know what the IP address is, but what should the user be? The variations I have tried respond with "call failed."

I am using IPv6 addresses. Should the address be []'ed ?
This format works, sort of:
telnum must match one of the register or user names (not sure which) in accounts.

Interesting discovery, however. It only works through certain menu sequences.
See new thread for bug description.
Hi randomandy,

I have replied you in the other thread. Please check it.

Hi randomandy,

Do you mean want to add a contact and make ip call?
If yes, Why don't you add a contact like below:

Office Number: ip address(like

Then you can dial a ip call via directory.

If your scenario is not as mine, please describe more detailed operations about it.

thanks in advance
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