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Full Version: T28P incoming call bip when already on line
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my users are complaining about something very interesting:

When they are on line with someone and there is another incoming call, they have one bip that lets them know about the incoming line but that bip doesn't get replayed as long the person is waiting on the other line.

I cannot find a way to make that signal last as long as no one picks up the line ...

Could you please let me know how to do that ?

Thank you very much
Hi julien,

Sorry for the late reply.
According to your description, may I have the following answers for further analysis?
1.What is the firmware version of issue T28? If it not the latest version,please upgrade it and test again. T28_firmware
2.How often does the issue happen, always?
3.How many T28 have the issue?
4.Have you ever tried to reset the phone to factory?
5.Does this issue happen no matter the other part is internal call or external call ?
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