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Full Version: T46G - Unable to upload wallpaper image with firmware
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T46G: Upgraded to firmware
With the upgrade to firmware I am unable to upload wallpaper images using the web interface; getting HTTPS error 500. (directed to: <ipaddress>/servlet?p=settings-preference&q=uploadWallpaper)

Thank you in advance. Eli.
Hi ebibas,

Please refer to this post.

Dear Yealink Support,
I followed your instructions, I am still unable to upload wallpaper images (after upgrading to version
I cleared the cache, tried with IE and with Firefox - no success.

FYI, Product ID: 201403212001. Hardware version

Downgraded to version - works fine with this version.

Thanks you.
Hi ebibas,

Sorry for the inconvenience. Can you send your picture to me? I want to test in my side. You can attach it.

@ebibas: Do you tried already what happens after an upgrade back to
XX.72.0.25 as well as XX.72.0.1 firmwares have bug related to registration on MyPBX.

We have registered near 90 (ninety) T42 and T46 phones on Yeastar U500 PBX and after that new phones stopped to receive assigned extension number after reboot.

We did a lot of testing trying to identify what can cause the issue and ended up with firmware.

Problem was fixed by downgrading firmware for both models to (T42G model) and (T46 model)
Hi all,

Our R&D have released one new firmware which fixed this issue. Please download it and test it.
It is kindly you can feedback me in this thread.
You can get this firmware from here.>> <<

Thanks in advance
Sorry, the new firmware contains fix for wallpaper only of for something else ?
Hi zonder,

Our fixed firmware is based on the latest neutral version.
You can download the firmware and try it. Maybe it have fixed your issue already.

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