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Full Version: This Connection not work
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Hello i'm new in this yealink forum and my issue is:

I have connected a yealink phone in cascade with avaya ip phone and the PC, like this:

[Image: Avayaconeccion_zpse6d2facf.jpg]

I have LAN in yealink and PC but Avaya is out, I connect other ip phone (not Yealink) and the Avaya works....┬┐what I need to configure in Yealink?

I remain aware of their valuable support
Hi JorgeAmz,

Please try the following steps:
1.This step makes sure the Yealink PC port can work fine.Like this:

[Image: attachment.php?aid=855]

2.If Yealink, Avaya and PC can work fine, so you can disconnect the cascade directly. Like this:

[Image: attachment.php?aid=856]

If it also doesn't work, please let me know what is result after above connections.

Nope, don't remove UTP's because the black avaya adapter provide PoE to Avaya phone. Any other idea?

Thanks so much!!
Hi ,

Could you please provide more detailed information about it?

1.Does the Avaya phone set the VLAN feature?
2.Please disable the Yealink phone VLAN feature, and connect the Yealink PC port to the Avaya phone LAN port directly. Then the Avaya phone connect a standard power supply. Does it work? Like below picture.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=873]

If it still fail, Please send me the PACP files of the Yealink PC port and WAN port for the analysis.

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