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Full Version: Renaming "LDAP" directory to "Company Directory" is not working for T46G
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Good day,

We are installing Yealink phones (T42 and T46 models) that are connected to Yeastar U500 IP PBX and doing provisioning by uploading y000000000028.cfg / y000000000029.cfg files to U500 PBX.

I noticed that T46G model (we use latest firmware) do not display renamed LDAP, Local Directory and History menu items on LCD display, unlike T42G model.

Here is the lines from "Directory_setting.xml" file that we use for both T42G and T46G.

<item id_name="ldap" display_name="AUA Directory" priority="1" enable="1" />
<item id_name="localdirectory" display_name="Local Phonebook" priority="2" enable="1" />
<item id_name="history" display_name="History" priority="3" enable="1" />
<item id_name="remotedirectory" display_name="Remote Phonebook" priority="4" enable="0" />
<item id_name="networkcalllog" display_name="Network CallLog" priority="5" enable="0" />
<item id_name="broadsoftdirectory" display_name="Network Directories" priority="6" enable="0" />

I also attach 5 screenshots where you can see that in T46G phone web interface menu items names are renamed, but on LCD menu - not.

Please advise how to get these 3 menu items renamed.

Many thanks!
Hi zonder,

Sorry for the delay.
I have tested it locally. So I will submit it to our product department.
Could you tell me what is the impact of this feature for you?

thanks in advance
Dear Support,

We have mixed environment with T42 and T46 models in our university.
T46 model phones are installed only on senior managers and executives desks, while T42 for the rest of staff.

T42 users can see renamed "AUA Directory" when wish to find extension of particular staff. T46 users however can see "LDAP" and it is confusing and says nothing to them.

Currently I am in process of writing "IP phone user guide" for university staff and will put a section describing how to do search in university phones directory.

And I will have to mention that in order to find person extension in university directory T42 users need to press "Directory" -> "AUA Directory", while T46 users need to press "Directory" -> "LDAP"

The impact, I believe will be the complains from senior managers that their, more expensive T46 phones with color display, are worse than cheaper T42 model.

IMPORTANT. I would like to mention also that we were was forced to downgrade firmware version of both T42 and T46 models to v71 (T42 model) and (T46 model) in order to fix strange problem with provisioning, so I believe when Yealink will be releasing next firmware for T42/T46 you may need to apply a fix encountered issue with provisioning as well.

Detailed description of provisioning issue in my post ->

Many Thanks
Dear Support,

Please confirm in LDAP directory label renaming issue is addressed in v73 ?
Thank you
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