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Full Version: Wp52 Handset Upgrading Auto provisioning problem
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Hi Guys

I have a new W52P with the latest firmware and a factory installed certificate.

I have noticed that the device is often busy when it is provisioning and I get the Handset Upgrading message on the web interface and cannot make calls on the phone either.

It can stay like this for 30+ second everytime it tries to provision.

I have a base station with two handsets where one handset is not connected.

This makes the phone not ready for end users since we cannot have that level of downtime for sync of config. It should have no time where the phone is not working in my opinion.

Any ideas what is causing the problem?

Hi dakota,

Please login the webpage-> Phone->Auto Provision, then delete the content of Provisioning Server field. It will not auto-provision. Like below picture.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=827]

OK, this is not what I was thinking. I know that I can remove the auto-provisioning field!!!
sorry for the confusion, please use the version we sent to you to check if it can fix the issue.
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