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Full Version: yealink t41p VPN Not working
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Yealink t41p

Hi I have uploaded the following config file to the yealink t41p phone. and nothing is happening even after I enabled the vpn section and running newest firmware available on your site.

dev tap
remote x.x.x.x 1194 udp
proto udp
resolv-retry infinite
ca /config/config/openvpn/keys/ca.crt
cert /config/config/openvpn/keys/yealink-t41p.crt
key /config/config/openvpn/keys/yealink-t41p.key
verb 3

When looking at the server side nothing is happening not a thing at all.

If I use the windows Gui client the connection runs fine no problems at all. Obviously the config file on the windows client is different pertaining to the .crt , yealink-t41p.crt, yealink-t41p.key

It is like the yealink t41p is not sending out the link or even looking for the remote server.

Can anyone please get back to me as to why this is happening.

Looking forward to your response.

Gerhard Mohr
Sphere ICT
Hi gerhard,

Please use the right path in vpn.cnf "/config/openvpn/keys/".
Please make sure your named vpn.cnf and keys filefold.
Then packed them and try again.
Please refer to [FAQ]Frequently Asked Questions of OpenVPN


Thank you very much that worked 100%.

Much appreciated.

You are welcome. It is my pleasure.

Best Regards
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