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Full Version: VLAN T46G not working
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Hi Guys,

We are having an issue on T46G Yealink phones. We have about 900 of these phones in production at different sites and none of them work with Vlans.

We have about 600 T42G phones and they are all working on the VLANS.

We have tired heaps of different firmware versions including the latest and still the issue is not fixed.

I can see other people in your forums are having the same issue and no resolution.

Can you please advise ASAP as this is urgent.
Hi rookie01,

1.Can you explain more detailted operations about your issue to us?
2.How many phones can't work?
3.Did you consult with Yealin support via email? or

thanks in advance
Hi Rookie01

Did you define a priority in your config file?
I found the VLAN wasnt kicking in till I had defined a priority (though im not 100% it worked yet).

Even then i was still having DHCP issues as I have mentioned in a thread over
XX.72.0.25 as well as XX.72.0.1 firmwares have bug related to registration on MyPBX.

We have registered near 90 (ninety) T42 and T46 phones on Yeastar U500 PBX and after that new phones stopped to receive assigned extension number after reboot.

We did a lot of testing trying to identify what can cause the issue and ended up with firmware.

Problem was fixed by downgrading firmware for both models to (T42G model) and (T46 model)
Another problem that we had with XX.72.0.25 firmware - failing to refresh DialNow rules from y0000000000XX.cfg after phone reboot.
It was also fixed after firmware downgrade
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