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Full Version: T46 Vlan Enable
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I have 3 T46 phones attached to a 3CX server. I have the Wan port set to Vlan enable with the vlan id at 172. If the phone reboots, the vlan enable setting changes to disable and the phone ends up on the data network. They are running firmware which according to the support page is the latest 3CX supported firmware.
Hi marksgt35,

Please upgrade the firmware to latest version( and try again. The version supports 3CX server.

You can download the firmware. >> <<

About how to upgrade firmware, you can refer to more details in [FAQ]How to upgrade firmware?

I did at one point try that firmware. It is not compatible with the 3CX system however and the 3CX phone book did not work. The version that I am currently running is the latest that specifies it is 3CX compatible. Is 3CX compatible now as well?
Hi marksgt35,

Please follow follow steps:
1. You should check whether enable the Auto provision feature or not. Access to the webpage->Settings->Auto provision. Delete the content of Server URL field. Please refer to below picture.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=809]

2.If it also doesn't work, reset the phone and try again.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=810]
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