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Full Version: 4 bases not receive calls
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We have installed 4 base with 4 dect.
We work with 3cx v12 sp6, last template, and provisionned phone.

When we try to join dect it ring only 1 time and it stop ringing.

on 3cx when receive that "reason: User Requested"

i don't see this bug when we work only with 1 base.

tks for your help
Hi bluetel,

Could you provide more detailed operations for us?
1.Did you register 1 handset on 1 base or more than one handset on 1 base?
2.What is the firmware version?
3.Do you mean the handset ring only 1 time when the coming call?

hi tks for your reply

My customer have 4 bases and 4 handset. All are on last firmware (handset and base)26.50.20 and 25.50.20

All handset are registered on 1 base, and can register to 3 others. When call is generated per 3cx, we can see sip trame go to all base. it ring on handset 1 time and next stop. only 1 ringing and next 3cx receive status from base -> busy or reason User Requested

here the answer of base

23/06/2014 09:33:37:581 | Cancelling with:
CANCEL sip:146@ SIP/2.0
Via: SIP/2.0/ ;branch=z9hG4bK-d8754z-3345f329a124da79-1---d8754z-;rport
Max-Forwards: 70
To: <sip:146@>
From: "xxxx"<sip:120@>;tag=001c6130
Reason: SIP ;cause=200 ;text="User hangup"
Content-Length: 0

see that :
23/06/2014 09:33:37:581 | Reason: SIP ;cause=200 ;text="User hangup"

but my customer never hangup.

tks advance for your help
Hi bluetel´╝î

Please try follow steps:
1.reset the base and handset, then register your handsets and account again.
About how to reset the base, you can refer to the guide of DECT. >> here<< start page 44.

2.If the issue remain, please supply syslog level 6, config.bin and pcap and send to or

How to Get the Correct Syslog, Config.bin and Trace

Tks for your reply.
We will change 3 other base per RT10 repeater. i see on log it's base with no connected handset which is send "User hangup".
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