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Full Version: T46G LLDP-MED VLAN Issue
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Can anyone confirm if this issue has been rectified with the latest Yealink Firmware? We also have the Cisco SG500 switches and the phones drop the VLAN Voice (16) settings and deregister the phone from the switch. We have to manually go back into the Cisco interface and reset the VLAN for the phone. Major issue for us.
Hi Mals30,

The vlan setting is manually configured in phone or automatically assigned by LLDP?
If you manually set it please try disabling the LLDP in phone.

And what's the T46G firmware you are runing? The latest firmware is

I have been experiencing this issue as well on Cisco 3560 switches. I have the following configuration:

lldp run (in global)

interface FastEthernetx/x
switchport access vlan 210
switchport mode access
switchport voice vlan 98
spanning-tree portfast

The vlan is always correct, however on occasion, the phone dhcp's on the native vlan (210 in this case), so it routes to nowhere. Since this happens randomly, I'm assuming it has to do with some kind of timing issue, and my guess is it's related to the lldp timer, which I have now reduced by setting 'lldp timer 5' in global settings.

I am using a T46G running We have also seen this with T48G. Also a possibility, it may only happen with a PC connected to the passthrough port, since this is the only scenario I have seen this occur.
I suspect I may be experiencing this issue with t46 and t41 and
The yealink whitepaper on LLDP-med is a bit unclear (to my reading ) which version firmwares support LLDP-med.

The screenshots in the whitepaper don't align with 36.80 or 36.73 gui's.

But I have a customer using Cisco Meraki where they have used option 132 to feed two vlans to the phone - one for the Phone and one for the PC port. Based on the two Ip addresses being DHCP'd to the devices - the phones are following LLDP requests on bootup.

However the phones are erratically going offline and resubmitting subscribe requests - very similar to the symptoms described in earlier posts.

1) What are the UK version firmwares supporrting LLDP-Med?
2) Should I put a hard setting for the Vlans in the phone GUi or auto provision config?
(this will obviously make management of the phones harder but that's a minor drawback

We also have experienced this with Dlink 1210 switches and LLDP, our cisco 6500series performs fine with CDP. My initial thought was 1210s being crappy, relieved to hear others have same issue.

for what its worth, when we were running, it seemed to get better, but came back in
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