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Full Version: [Bug][T48G][] digitizer accuracy
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There appears to be a bug with the digitizer sensing incorrectly at the top area (down to about the second row of DSS buttons) of the screen in version It is not possible, then, to press the onscreen voicemail indicator (top middle), etc.

Rolled back to version and it is no longer a problem.

Thought it was hardware issue at first but firmware roll back has shown otherwise.
Hi njackson,

I can't reproduce your issue in my T48G with I can press voicemail indicator top middle.
Odd. I will check hardware version as well as factory reset to see if that makes any difference.

Something definitely strange. It doesn't appear to affect all phones and the hardware versions are all the same ( It does appear to affect many of the phones though (unable to test all due to them being in multiple remote locations).

I factory reset those affected by the digitizer problem and running 0.10 and the problem still existed. Definitely not a configuration issue.

After testing 4 phones that I have available, 2 have MAC addresses with 00156567AAXX and two with MAC addresses with 00156567A6XX. The ones that appear to have the problem with the digitizer are those with 00156567AAXX and the two that work fine are the ones with 00156567A6XX. Perhaps that will help narrow down testing.

I will be pushing 0.5 out to all phones and wait until next update to see if the issue still exists.

If you have multiple T48G phones, I would suggest testing others as well, especially if they have MAC addresses with 00156567AAXX.

Hopefully someone will be able to reproduce the problem and dopefully this helps resolve the issue.


(great phone btw)
Hi njackson,

Thanks to your testing. Please help to transfer this to
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