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Full Version: Firmware upgrade problem on W52P base
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Hi all,
this is my first post on this forum. I searched on the forum but could not find an answer to the following problem:
we have a recent installation of XiVO (based on Asterisk) in our company in France. We noticed that calling with the W52P does not generate ring back tone.
I noticed that this problem was identified in the release notes (bug number 5 for version
We checked our base's version:, anyway we tried to upgrade to latest version but failed.

We do connect to the base's web page, launch the upgrade process, the base restarts, the web page becomes unavailable, then the base and its administration page are back, but ... the firmware version number is still and not as it should be... and the ring back tone problem is still there.

Note that this problem is not present on calls with Aastra 6731i.

Note that our handset is in version for hardware and for firmware after a successfull upgrade.

Pieces of advice are warmly welcome!
Merci beaucoup !
Hi Jocelyn ,

Please go to webpage->Phone->Auto Provision, check whether you fill server address in Provisioning Server.
Hi and thank you for your help,
we just checked this setting, and it was not filled in. Anyway, we did, and it did not change the problem, we still can not upgrade the firmware on the base. The process is achieving to its end, but the version displayed is still the old one and our problem of missing ring back tone is still there.

Thank you in advance for your help!
Can you reset to factory and test again?
Well, we shall try to, but all our W52P are brand new, just out of the box, and just got provisionned to our Xivo IPBX...
I'll let you know!
We did the following actions:
* reset to factory
* manually assign an IP address
* successfully upgrade the base' firmware
* the firmware version is set to latest one
* reset to factory

Now, we cannot access to the base' admin web page, the handset cannot see the base, we pluged the base to a power adapter, only one green light is turned on, the power one.

Any idea on how to restore the base to life?
Thank you
Hi Jocelyn,

Please try recovery mode as below forum.
Recovery Mode for W52P
(06-20-2014 11:01 AM)Yealink Support Wrote: [ -> ]Hi Jocelyn,

Please try recovery mode as below forum.
Recovery Mode for W52P

Hi all,

I've upgraded several W52P/H,

The best way to do it, is to first upgrade the Handset, then the base, and very impotent to reset to default after both devices are upgraded,

Good luck and enjoy the phone!
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