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Full Version: VP530 for remote use
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I've been trying to figure out how to provision a Yealink VP-530 in our office (where the 3CX server is located) for an employee that works from home. I spoke with 3CX on the phone and they said the VP-530 isn't supported for the standard remote configuration (Remote STUN). I then reached out to Yealink via the support email and obtained some CFG files. I'm fairly new to 3CX and VoIP phones in general so looking at these CFG's are a bit confusing and overwhelming to me. would anyone have a walkrough or know anything about setting up a VP530 for remote use?

Thank you in advance.

ive attached the zip file that yealink had sent to me.

Every “Unsupported” phone can be used as an 3CX extension, locally as remotely.
Because the VP-530 is EOL and do not use the video codecs supported by 3CX, the device is unsupported, so 3CX don’t have a provisioning template.
The SIP part of the phone uses the open SIP standard and therefor you can use it with 3CX. Only, you have to setup it manually.
So create an extension in 3CX and copy the credentials manually into the VP-530.
Now you can make and receive audio calls, no video calls.
That’s all.

You can create your own provisioning template, but that is a lot of work.
thank you for your response,

Will i need to add the authentication credentials on the web interface or the physical phone itself?
Quote:Will i need to add the authentication credentials on the web interface or the physical phone itself?

What you like…
The easiest way I think is to use the phone web interface.
Oeps, I have make a very big mistake from my side.
Walking through the template part (Settings > Provisioning Templates), 3CX v14 do contain a provisioning template for the VP530 phone.

Please modify the VP530 template after </firmwareParams> and before <AllowWebPasswordChange> and add next parameters

<option value="LOCALLAN">1</option>
<option value="REMOTESTUN">1</option>

Restart 3CX Services and try if you can use remote STUN setting.
Don't forget to reprovisioning the phone.
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