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Full Version: T46g EXP40 - BLF not updating after intercom
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(06-27-2014 05:16 PM)Yealink Support Wrote: [ -> ]Hi blistovmhz,

I should tell you my email address. Could you please send it again to It is my email address.

thanks in advance.

Ok, thanks
Turns out the issue is with Asterisk. There is a hard coded limit in Asterisk for the number of subscribe notifies a single ext can request. I believe it's somewhere around 100/minute. When you have >100 ext's being monitored, and you try to page them all simultaneously, they first ring (that's 100 notifies) and then they go busy (another 100 notifies).

I gave up and just used multicast paging instead. Uses tonnes less resources, and doesn't affect BLF status at all.
OK, thanks for your reply.
Do you mean this issue doesn't exsit in the other PBX server? Right?
Our R&D suggestion is that set the Asterisk server T1 timer value too less, more than 500ms.
If it still fail, please register your account use UDP transmission mode. And try again.
Hope it can help you.
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