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Full Version: RPS Problem
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Hey, I seem to have come across a very odd issue with RPS. I am not sure if the issue is with the cache or elsewhere but I have isolated it to RPS. I have a client xxx which has their own VPS for their phones. One of the phones (several weeks later) was returned to us and I am attempting to repurpose it for client yyy.

The issue is the phone seems to 'remember' previous settings from the previous client. I know this is not stored in the phone itself because upon doing a factory reset the logo and settings are cleared but as soon as I point it to a server it comes up with old settings such as logo, ring tones, and within the Auto-Provisioning tab under phone.

Whats even more odd is the account information will still be The correct extension for yyy shows up and I can see the phone is online on the server. I've even deleted the old extension and verified the MAC was not in use.

I've been able to replicate the issue with two different phones from the old client. I've also downgraded the firmware to a previous version that did not use RPS and the phone is perfect. Once the firmware gets upgraded to use RPS then that's when previous settings pop up.

If there is a way for me to clear out old data from RPS please let me know. I've also tried to point RPS to the new server after deleting it with the same effect.

What is your RPS firmware number now?
Do you change your phone's MAC address or server URL in RPS server ?
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