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Full Version: T48 - Backlight behaviour and brightness
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I would like to suggest/request the following with regard to the backlight:

1. Be able to define the inactive level rather than just having 'dim' or 'off'
2. Can the level go below 10% but still be visible, i.e. not quite off?
3. Stop the backlight coming on when provisioning if Beep=No
4. Have a proper screensaver ;0) - ok, technically not a backlight issue but thought I'd throw it in there...

:Dnice to contact you.
Thank you for your suggestion.
I will push suggestion to our product and R&D team.They will consider if modify in the future.
+1 for the screen screensaver. We use this feature extensively on the T38G.

My additional request would be to have some sort of business hours setting for the backlight, where during business hours the backlight would dim. Outside the business hours, the backlight would go off to save power, perserve the LCD screen and darken the room the phone is in.
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