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Full Version: Auto Provision via YealinkIPPhoneExecute
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Is there a way to Auto Provision the phone remotely using YealinkIPPhoneExecute from the XML Browser Developer's Guide ?
You can assign one DSSKEY to zml browser, then link to YealinkIPPhoneExecute via auto provisioning.
I think I might have found the answer. Page 37 of "Auto Provisioning Guide":

The phone will perform the auto provisioning process when receiving a SIP NOTIFY
message which contains the header “Event: check-sync”. If the header of the SIP NOTIFY message
contains an additional string “reboot=true”, the phone will reboot immediately and then perform
the auto provisioning process. This update mode requires server support.
Hi! Im dealing with this and works ok

But the problem is im trying to change the provisioning server.
I tried with Event: ua-profile;\r\n but i cant make it work
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