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Full Version: Delete uploaded wallpaper
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I have also been using the V73 with a randomized background. The only wordaround that I found was to reboot the phone. It will overwrite and display a new random background after the reboot... It's abit of a hassle, but you can upload multiple backgrounds and cycle through them using an XML push Configuration. For example, provision 7 pictures for each day of the week. Then make sure the phone reboots during the weekend to get the new files...

There is an option to force reboot the phone at autoprovision: (Yealink_SIP_phones_Relese_Notes_of_Version73.pdf)
auto_provision.reboot_force.enable =

Having an option to delete/overwrite images -not only wallpapers, but contact photos too- would definitely be a nice feature. Hope this helps.
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