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Is there a way to set a HTTP proxy on the phone ?
I would like to use some action URLs to send messages to a web server (on the internet) but the problem is that my phone is in a private network. Because i have no access to the internet from this network my idea is to configure a http proxy (on a server that the phone can reach) to forward the messages.

I have a T27P phone (firmware is

thanks in advance

thanks for your information

but i am a little confused , for Yealink phones , we can send action URL to the server you configured , but if it is a server that phone can't reach , then it is not phone side issue.

for my opinion , you can try to set a HTTP proxy as you talked and then configure this proxy on phone side , then phone will send action URL to this proxy , the the following things are related on your network side , you need to make sure that the proxy can successfully forward the URL to the real server and then make sure the format is correct .

for the other side , if you can set your server to the local network or open the permission for phones to connect the internet , that would be better .


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