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Full Version: T46G - manually configure a door camera
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Hi guys,

so I've ran into a little issue with my T46G.
My Starface PBX can display our door cameras on the phone's screen without any problem.
We actually released a video to show it works a while ago.

I also can manually watch a video stream if I enter my camera's image URL (the phone itself builds a stream by frequently taking single pictures from the camera)
Features -> Door Phone -> Camera URL
Which works fine as well.

What i can't figure out is how to take the video from there on my phone's screen without involving the Starface PBX.
How can I configure a key to display the video? Or can I link it to a phonebook entry to display it when I'm getting a call?

This is a necessary feature for any other PBX and smaller stuff like home routers and I'm fairly sure it should be possible, so can anyone help me out?
Thanks for your information.

please send an email to,then my colleage who support starface will help you once we get your email.

Thanks for your quick reply.

I've sent an email including some more information and linked this thread for reference as well.
we have received your email,and we will fix this issue ASAP.

I am using/selling YEALINK T4 phones for over a year now. What I miss concerning features is door camera support. I just stumbled over this post telling me the T46G supports the display of a camera picture. I watched the mentioned youtube video and was excited.
I couldn't believe that I have missed to find the described feature, so I checked my T46S. No feature "door phone" can be found.
Since the description is for a T46G I assume the T46S doesn't have that feature anymore. I also understand that the door cam image shown in the video is mainly possible due to a starface pbx.
After some more research I found a support article saying no YEALINK phone supports the door phone feature. I find the mentioned solution with dss key as XML browser as not very practical.
I don't get why the YEALINK phones with color display (e.g. T46, T48) do not have a native door camera feature like some other SIP-phones (e.g. Gigaset Maxwell 3).
IP-Cams are getting more and more popular, IP-doorphones with built-in camera as well.
It would be sufficient to be able to define a incoming number as a door phone, the URL for the camera picture and the DTMF-code to activate the opener.
So when a call comes from that particular number the phone displays the camera picture on the screen and after picking up it offers a soft key to open the door.
So YEALINK please work on that feature.
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