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Full Version: Auto Provision with DHCP Option 43
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what would the proper option 43 configuration breakdown to

Vendor Tag Id Type Length Value

packet capture shows option 60 as yealink so this should be the vendor
value, been unsuccessful with the tag id, value would be path to http provisioning. type length is based on the length of the value.

i have been able to successfully use option 43 on a cisco platform with a
generic option 43 ascii value, but have been unable to configure for proper option 43 on edgewater platform

any assistance would be greatly appreciated, as the provisioning guide does not give details on supported encapsulation options
update on the issue, the issue is specific to the 11.x firmware branch on the edgewater routers. software bug and not an issue of the yealink. move to the 13.x firmware branch will resolve the issue
Hi knuckleheadbob ,

What is your firmware now? Is it a custom firmware?
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