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Full Version: SipServerHost value T20,
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Hi Guys
All time I auto aprovisioning T20 phones with success with y000000000007.cfg file and MAC.cfg file like this:
[ account ]
path = /config/voip/sipAccount0.cfg
Enable = 1
Label = XXX-Label
DisplayName = XXX-Label
AuthName = XXX
UserName = XXX
password = xxxpass
SIPServerHost =

[ WAN ]
path = /config/Network/Network.cfg
WANType = 2
WANStaticIP =
WANSubnetMask =
WANDefaultGateway =

but new t20 firmwares have 2 sip accounts and now I dont know how to specify SipServerHost on account 1.
How is the correct parameter? I try SipServerHost1 with no luck.

Thanks for help.
Any ideas, try with SipServer1, Sip Server 1 with no success Confused
Hi jonytrifulca,

Why don't you use the M7 template for auto provisioning?
Please download the latest CFG template for reference.
Yealink T2XP AutoProvisioning Template_V71
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