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Full Version: W52P Turn off MWI tone
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I have an install of W52P with a local asterisk PBX.
The extensions subscribe to a shared mailbox and the MWI works.
I found, however, no way to turn off the tone after the MWI notice is received.
In an open office setting this tone is not needed and is found unacceptable.
How do I turn it off?
Sorry. We don't support this feature now.
If you want to add this new feature, please ask your distributor for help.
They will help to ask to make a custom version for you if possible.
So you consider this as a "feature"?
and I should pay more to my distributor for a customized firmware to "turn off" this feature?
I probably send it all back, instead of experimenting with anything custom.
It is quite a shame that you have this setting available on your desk phone, but not on the wireless.
what do you say?
Hi lleo_,

So i will submit your request to our product department for evaluating. I also think it is a pity without this feature.
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