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Full Version: Ring back, call waiting, firmware issues
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I'm working at a VoIP provider in The Netherlands and we have a few issues with the Yealink W52P.

-No ring back tone
In some cases the handset do not give a ring back tone. This usually happens when we call a fixed phone in the Netherlands (Ziggo, KPN, Tele2). The phone connects to a SIP proxy with an Asterisk cluster behind it. Other phones like Cisco SPA504 does not have any problems with the ring back tone.

-Call waiting beeps
Call waiting and the call waiting beeps are disabled on the base. But sometimes the handset will give a beep when i'm calling and anonther call comes in.

-Firmware upgrade
Is not possible with the handset delivered with the base. I've tried this with the USB upgrade tool. Other handsets can upgrade without a problem. We try to upgrade from to but that isn't possible. The upgrade tool gives the following error: Oem version check disaffinity, skip update.

-Strange firmware
The phones we get are supplied with firmware. Is that correct firmware? I think it is a special version.

-4 handsets, 3 calling
I've got a Yealink set with 4 handsets. When 3 handsets are calling (each phone has its own VoIP account) and someone calls inbound the third phone will not ring. In the SIP logging it says it is ringing but it isn't ringing on the handset.

We have all these problems with the firmware and hardware.

Are there any solutions for these issues?
I think this is Lydis version. This is custom version. You should ask Lydis for help.
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