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Full Version: Network -> Advanced confirm button is not active
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I have a W52P running firmware version 25.50.20.

When logged in as "admin" and on page "Network -> Advanced" I see the following behavior:

I selected "Disabled" from the drop-down box in the "Web Server HTTPS" option and clicked the "Confirm" button at the bottom of the page. Nothing happened. If I attempt to navigate away from the page, a pop-up asks "Do you want to discard your changes?"

Similarly, and on the same page, nothing happens if I attempt "Upload VPN Config" via the "Import" button.
OK - this is a browser (in)compatibility problem.

I was using Firefox on Fedora 20, which failed as described above.
I switched to IE 8 on Windows XP which failed in a different way.
I switched to Google Chrome 34 on Fedora 20 which works.
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