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Full Version: Voicemail notification tone on T32G
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T32G running
T38G running

I am trying to disable to the voicemail notification tone on a T32G. I have modified my 3CX template with the following:

voice.tone.message = 0

If I provision a T38G with that setting the voicemail notification tone is disabled. But if I provision a T32G with the exact same template the voicemail notification tone does not get disabled. What is the correct setting for the T32G?
I think they should be the same syntax.
I am programming them both with the same template... the 38G works, the 32G does not.
I just factory reset both phones again and reprovisioned them using the same template. Same outcome, the tone is disabled on the T38 but is still enabled on the T32. I have attached a copy of the template I am using. It is the 3CX template with a couple modifications (time format and voicemail tone message).
Do you test to enable stutter as 0 ?

voice.tone.stutter = 0
I set voice.tone.stutter to 0 in the template, so the voice.tone section now looks like this:

voice.tone.dial =
voice.tone.ring =
voice.tone.busy =
voice.tone.congestion =
voice.tone.callwaiting =
voice.tone.dialrecall =
voice.tone.record= =
voice.tone.stutter = 0
voice.tone.message = 0
voice.tone.autoanswer =

I then factory reset both phones, deleted their config files in 3CX, and reprovisioned them using the new template. Same thing, the T32 has the notification tone and the T38 does not.

Just to verify that the T38 tone is actually getting disabled by my custom template, I reprovisioned it with the stock 3CX template and it does have the voicemail notification tone enabled. I then reprovisioned it with my custom template and the voicemail notification tone goes away. I take that exact same template and apply it to the T32 and it does not work, the voicemail notification tone remains enabled.
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