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Full Version: How to Disable Provisioning
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At this time we are not doing auto provisioning, though we may do so in the future. However, new phones I just purchased with latest firmware seem to want to auto-provision when they start up. T22 phone startup says "Initializing" for 50 seconds and then comes a popup "Sending Provision Requests" which will stay there for 3 minutes (unless you hit "Cancel"), whereupon it then says "Initializing" again for another 30 seconds before finally starting up.

I have tried setting under "Auto-Provision":
Zero Active Disabled
Power On Off
Repeatedly Off

Is there any way to disable this?
What is your firmware of T22 now? Is it a RPS firmware?
I recently upgraded to the latest version to fix the 10mbps PC-port connection problem. These are brand new phones, I believe they had 7.71 when I took them out of the box.
Firmware Version
Hardware Version
Hi rwhirn,

Do your phones provision again?
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