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Full Version: Handset low battery
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We have installed for our customer 2 base stations . Each base station has 4 handsets registered running
The battery life is very poor on all handsets , they completely discharge after 2 hours off cradle even if on idle. We have tried to replace batteries but it doesn't seem to help.
Are there any fixes in
Our resellers remind that we added some protections in version to prevent charging overheating.
So battery which is new or put for a long time needs activation process:

Low battery tips - > in charge with a normal use.

So after repeated three times to ensure the maximum performance of battery
Phones are sitting in cradles overnight and between calls. This has been happening for several weeks and customer is very frustrated.
Could you please explain the activation process , I'm not sure I understand how it's done
Do they reboot the phone?
Do you use the same battery brand? Please use the special battery using in W52P and test again.
They have rebooted phones multiple times and have problem with batteries that came with phones and replacement we provided for them
Interesting fact - when they installed replacement batteries it helped for little while but after a few days problem came back.
Can you downgrade handset firmware to and try again?
Will try on Monday, thank you. Do I need to downgrade the base as well?
You don't need to downgrade the base.
After the downgrade handsets are holding charge. I'm also testing 3 handsets in my lab and it seems is holding charge better than, not sure yet about
Hi akarpov,

Thanks to your feedback. How long will your handsets stay in V30?
Do you use the same scenario as in V40? Do you use handsets and hung off or on frequently ?
Our engineers are tesing and analyzing this issue. Sorry for the inconvenience.
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