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Full Version: Call Pickup and BLF while on call...
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Hello, I can't seem to understand one part of the blf function.

- While I am on a call, the main line (101) rings.
I put the call on hold
I then hit the blf key to answer the call (this works when answering the call when I am not on the phone)

When I hit the blf key, instead of answering the call, it calls extension 101. Why does it do that?

In order for me to answer the call, I have to put the current call on hold, then hit new call (or line 2), then hit the blf key.

I am using T26 phones.
Hi dkpdesign,

Sorry. BLF can't work in your scenaro. You can use BLF to dial out but can't to receive calls with this key.
Hello, thank you for your reply... However, when NOT on a call, the BLF key does work to receive or "pick up" the call. It uses the directed pickup function, which is the code on the right column in the 10 memory key settings in the web interface. When you hit the button, it picks up the line if it is ringing. When I am ON a call however, it does not work this way until I change lines and hear a dial tone. Then it works as expected.

In my opinion, if a line is ringing, when you hit the BLF key, it should know that the extension is ringing, and pick up the call instead of calling that extension which is already ringing. I hope my explanation is making sense.

As I said, it does work if I touch soft key "New Call" and then hit the BLF key. I have a work around to use for now, but this would be more user friendly for Directed Pickup with the BLF feature.
Hi dkpdesign´╝î

Please go to webpage->Features->Transfer, choose "Transfer Mode Via Dsskey" as New call and test again.
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