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Full Version: dialnow feature
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Hi all,

trying to setup the auto provision for my T46 and T42 so that if the user dials a 4 digit extension that starts between 1 and 6 that it automatically dials after the 1 second timer.

It works when setting on an individual phone using the web interface, but I need this in the phone provisioning template and based on the documents, it's not working and/or not clear how to setup.

My template is setup as:

#Configure the dialnow rule. X ranges from 1 to 20.
#dialnow.item.X = Dial-now rule,Line ID
#Dial-now rule: Specify the numbers that need replacing;
#Line ID:Specify the line ID to apply the replace rule,multiple lines must be separated by a comma;
dialnow.item.1 =

# X ranges from 1 to 100.
dialplan.dialnow.rule.1 = [1-6]xxx
dialplan.dialnow.line_id.1 = 0

Any help would be appreciated.

I found out that the dialnow feature can only be setup using the DialNow.xml file.
For anyone looking for this feature, here is how I have set it up for myself and tested working fine.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<Data DialNowRule="[1-6]xxx" LineID="0"/>
  <Data DialNowRule="9999" LineID="0"/>

By setting the LineID="0" this basically applies to all line keys on the phone no matter what account.
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