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Full Version: T26P DSS keys to show used line
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In my office, we have 7 phone lines from provider. And we are using Grandstream pbx server with 30 Yealink client handset. One of our client handset is T26P which has 10 DSS keys on the left side.

Now i need to configure DSS Key 1 to correspondence with line 1, DDS Key 2 with line 2 and so on, so when someone from other client handset is using line 5 for example, the light of DSS Key 5 will turn on, just like conventional pabx system. Then we will know how many lines are still available.

Could someone please give me a clue on how to do that? Thx in advance.
You can use BLF feature to monitor your accounts.
More detail please refer to admin guide for "BLF".
Yealink SIP-T2xP IP Phone Family Administrator Guide_V72
Thx. But the docs shows only for extension meanwhile I need the DSS Key to show which line (NOT extension) is busy or taken. Is it possible?
Hi hwtsai,

What do you mean by extension and line? We can use them as the same.
Do you use one extension for 7 lines?
A VoIP Phone System does not have lines to monitor generally. Unless the incoming lines are assigned an extension or virtual extension #. I do not have any experience with the UCM.
Sorry maybe i didn't make myself clear. In my office, I have 7 phones line with one line as hunting number and the other 6 as hunting lines. Say our 7 lines from our telephone provider are as follow : 123401 (set as hunting no), 123402, 123403, 123404, 123405, 123406 and 123407.

Our situation now is we never now how many phones lines are left available to make call outbound. T26P of mine can only tell me which internal extension is busy like 1001,1002 etc.

So question is, is it possible to set these 10 DSS keys to represent available outbound phone lines, instead of internal extension? So I would know for example 123405, 123407 is busy and other are available.

I am using Grandstream GXE 5024 as PBX Server.
You might consider posting on the Grandstream forum instead as this is a PBX feature and not a Phone feature.
ok, going to gs now... thx
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