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Full Version: Dropped call during transfer
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Wondering if someone can confirm if the following should work or not?

I sometimes transfer calls in an odd way which from what I can tell results in the person being stuck in a queue in the abyss. So the steps to reproduce are:

1) Call comes in and is answered
2) I put the person on hold
3) Press new call and call an extension
4) Speak to the person and tell them I have a call
5) Press transfer and select the extension on screen and hit OK

The call then disappears at my end and certainly doesn't go through to the person I was talking to. Should this work? Or am I clearly trying to make it do something its not meant to do? I know the correct way would be to when the call is first answered to press transfer at that point and dial the extension but just wondering if the above could work.

Model: T38G

Any advice or assistance would be most appreciated.

I test your scenario in and can work well.
Can you test
(05-08-2014 11:29 AM)Yealink Support Wrote: [ -> ]I test your scenario in and can work well.
Can you test


Thanks for confirming. Checked again and it seems the problem has always been on my colleagues end. All working fine now Smile

Many Thanks
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