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Full Version: Portable DECT Conference phone
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A conference phone that is both wired and DECT based, PoE PSU and Battery powered
Thanks to your opinion.
In the past couple months I have had this come up twice. Two different customers had a analog based conference phone that was cordless.
They want to keep the ease of wireless but want all the added features of SIP.
Would be awesome to see the a CP860-W option, would set it apart of all the other conference phone options out there.
We have this come up all the time. Similar to the older Polycom 2W. Completely wireless with internal battery that lasts 10+ hours talk time. Yealink could somehow peer the conference phone to W60 to complete this.
I think that in this range the best in terms of quality and price is the Panasonic range for its scope and also for its quality among the best models for this use is the Panasonic KX-TGC310 - Wireless Landline Telephone
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