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Full Version: Ghost Calls Round 2
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We were getting many complaints from our users that they were getting "ghost calls" from random numbers like 101, 1001, etc. The phone would ring incessantly and when they picked it up it would just be dead air. We discovered this was a symptom of port scanning by scammers. The setting in the newer firmware "Allow IP Calls" when disabled stopped this from happening. However, the issue has cropped up again on phones where this setting is set to disabled. Any ideas?
Can you check your phone's config.bin has below settings?
[ account ]
SIPTrustCtrl =1
or you can try to auto provisioning (Higher than V70).Please tell me your firmwares.
# X means the account number.
# For example: account.1.sip_trust_ctrl=1
Hi, So how do you define a list of "allowed" IPs that calls will be accepted from?
If you set the SIPTrustCtrl =1 parameter, the phone only will accept the call which have accpeted by your PBX server.

We have had similar reports from some of our users and I have come to this conclusion:
The 'cause' of this is BT Hubs.

I found this very useful free site:
(Note: I am in no way affiliated with this site)

If you run a scan against an IP address of a BT Hub with a SIP phone behind it (home or business, doesn't seem to make a difference) then you will see SIP services exposed.

If you run a scan against an IP address of another router with a SIP phone behind it, we have a lot of Technicolor (was Thomson) routers - the results show NO SIP services exposed.

The firmware of the phone doesn't seem to make a difference, we have T20s, T22s and Yealink cordless units on various firmwares.

That's as far as I have gotten with our troubleshooting. I haven't tried any of the suggested Yealink settings but if I find out more, I will let you know.
thank you for your share, Lansalot. Smile
(09-16-2014 04:03 PM)Yealink_Wilson Wrote: [ -> ]thank you for your share, Lansalot. Smile

Hi all,

We have found that using a router with the tomato firmware fixes all theese issues.
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