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Full Version: vp2009 firmware
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Anybody have any info on firmware updates fro these video phones.

Any searches on the yealink website for vp2009 go to chinese 404 pages

Hardware Version VideoPhone-V23.
Software Version
Hi muli,

Do your VP2009 have some problems?
Where do you buy VP2009?
I advise you to consult your distributor for more helps.
I have just joined a company that has had them for several years and I noticed the weather function says "can't connect"

There seems to be no way to program this via the web interface and little documentation available for this model. I would like to be able to get this working
You can ask your distributor for help. I think you use a XML Browser to push weather function.
I advise you to contact your distributor for help or,
Support were not much use, they pointed me to read about vp530 but refused to answer any queries regarding using the vp530 firmware on the vp2009.

I eventually took the chance and tried the vp530 rom , it works and the interface is more modern. But all config files are different and not all obey the settings detailed in the vp530 or vp2009 documentation. Group pickup seems to work differently and I am no nearer getting a button that displays a weather forecast.
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