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Full Version: problem with pre-provisioning and autoprovisioning during upgrade
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I have a problem with pre-provisioning and autoprovisioning,
when I upgrade from FW Vers upto

Consider this scenario:
My pre provisioning is via tftp server.
subsequently provisioning is via https.
All works well with previous FW vers,
included the automatic upgrade from 25.30.x.xx to

Now I have implemented in my preprovisioning y000000000025.cfg file,
the new option regarding the cert management


##File header "#!version:" can not be edited or deleted.##

#Added the feature that the W52P can now support TLS and SSL certificates since FW vers
#security.ca_cert = 0/1/2 (the default value is 2-All Cert)
#security.dev_cert = 0/1 (the default value is 0-Disable)
security.dev_cert = 1

unfortunately the option "security.dev_cert = 1" is not handled by previous version
So although the upgrade from FW Vers upto is done automatic (the upgrade works well),
the W52P go to find the MAC oriented file on my https server but the option "security.dev_cert = 1", is not still handled.

So I necessary to make a manual reset factory default after the FW upgrade,
for repeating the preprovisioning procedure and upload again the y000000000025.cfg.
Since during this second procedure the W52P starts already from version ,
the option "security.dev_cert = 1" is valid, and the provisioning via HTTPS works well too.

This manual reset factory default after the FW upgrade (my workarround) enable to access at my https server.

Have you any suggestion or trick to avoid the manual reset factory default step described above?
Sorry. It seems this can't be avoided during this scenario.
1. May be you can make a XML browser and act reset to factory mode after upgrading.
2. I think you should auto provsioning twice.


Dear Support,
could you explain me better, the point 1?
what do you mean "make a XML browser and act reset......"?

thank you.
Sorry. I found W52P don't support XML Browser.
I think you need to auto provisioning twice automatically.
1. First, you fill upgrade firmware URL and new auto provisioning URL in common1.cfg.
2. Then phone will go to new auto provisioning URL to get common2.cfg automatically.
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