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Full Version: RPS Firmwares. Where do you get them?
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Where do you find the firmware for each phone type that enables RPS? I don't see them anywhere on the Yealink support site.
hello csmith,

I download mine from the reseller's website.

However I noticed that the last versions (v72) includes the RPS function. I entered the MAC address on the RPS website and then rebooted the phone. It got redirected to our servers.

I might be wrong but you can give a try.

ok I'll try the 72 firmware for my T26 but what about the T32? I don't see a "72" firmware for that one.
What I heard (unconfirmed) was that models T38G and T32G are not on the future upgrade list. I don't buy these models any longer. We switched to T4x series instead. The T2x are still strong in demand.

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