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Full Version: Push XML - Server initiated
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I can successfully push this config to the phone:

xml=<YealinkIPPhoneConfiguration Beep='yes' >
<Item>account.1.enable = 0</Item>
<Item>account.1.label = </Item>
<Item>account.1.display_name = </Item>
<Item>account.1.user_name = </Item>
<Item>account.1.auth_name = </Item>
<Item>account.1.password = </Item>
<Item>account.1.sip_server_host = </Item>

But is there anyway to see if the phone is in use before the account gets removed ? Can I execute a http command to the phone to retrieve status ?
I think you can refer to XML Browser for more details about PhoneStatus.xml.
XML Browser_V72
"PhoneStatus object allows users to display a status message on a single designated line on the phone’s idle screen when XML information is pushed from the servers." - this is not what I want.

I would like a way for the HTTP server to know if the phone is in use or not.
I think you can use ACTION URL command in XML Browser.
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