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Full Version: Going out of range then come back in
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I've been testing RT10 repeater with W52P. So far it definitely expanding the coverage. But when I walked out of the range while talking, I lost connection and HS went to "Searching Base", which was expected. But even after I came back well inside the range, or even standing next to the repeater or the BS, it didn't come up and sync until 10-15min later. Is it an expected behavior of HS? During this period, at the BS admin GUI it showed the Account/HS "Registered" all the time.

may i know that which firmware you are using ?

it is advised to update the firmware of base and handset to the newest one and then reset to test

firmware download link :

at the same time , have you enable the ECO mode of the base ? if yes, please disable it and test again !


Yealink Wiki :
We have all handsets upgraded from to for ringer volume adjustment. Which version of firmware are you suggesting?

ECO mode is currently ON. I disabled it I'll test it again and let you know the outcome.
I still happens. The detail is after I went out of range of the RT10 while I was walking back into the range, it went into a cycle [Searching for Base -> beep -> Initializing -> Blank-then-"Welcom" screen -> Searching....] until I walked all the way back to our LAB where the BS is located and put the HS on the charger. Last time I left it on the table not on the charger. The battery was low so I had to put it on the charger this time I guessed because I disabled ECO mode.
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