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Full Version: Call Pickup softkey on T32G
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I'm trying to set one of the softkeys to do a pickup of any incoming ringing call.

I have a T32G v phone and 3CX v12 SP4 as my PBX.

I found this section in the provisioning template and tried to set it up like so:

programablekey.2.type = 13
programablekey.2.line = 0
programablekey.2.value =
programablekey.2.xml_phonebook =
programablekey.2.history_type =
programablekey.2.label = Pup

13 = Pickup key type. Line = 0 to grab first available line. What do I put for value? I tried blank and with the 3CX call pickup code of *20*. When a call is ringing and I press pickup it does not work.

Any ideas?
Sorry. Programmable Key can be configured for T38G only.
For T32G, you can set pick up code in line key.
#Configure Line Key3
linekey.3.line =
linekey.3.value =
linekey.3.pickup_value =
linekey.3.type =
linekey.3.xml_phonebook =
linekey.3.label =
I guess that explains it. Thanks, I will give that a try.
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