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Full Version: password changed but not by me
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I am setting up a home VOIP network, and three times now the Yealink W52 base has changed the admin password on its own. I have to completely remove it from the PBX environment, reset it, and enter all my settings again. As nearly as I can tell there are no password entries in the template file, and I created a user alias the last time, which has also been wiped out. Extremely frustrating and time consuming, anyone have any idea what might be wrong. I do NOT have an outside provisioning source set up, provisioning is done via the FreePBX software TFTP server.

Thank you

Gordon Howell

thanks for your information

for this issue, it may caused by other person that have the permission to auto provision the phone !

to confirm this , you can export the cfg file of the W52P to compare with the one that you set to see what is the difference !

at last , it is advised to disable the "check new config" or disable other auto provision repeat option to avoid of other kind of auto provision !

hope that this may help you !


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