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Full Version: T-19 - Default Softkey Labels
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I am working on setting up provisioning for the T-19p phones, and I am running into a strange issue.

The default label for the far left softkey appears to have "history_Id" as the label on the idle screen, and when in the dialing screen, the same far left softkey has what appears to be "second_BUTTON" as the softkey label rather the the normal "Send".

While I can fix this by setting up custom softkeys in our provisioning, I would prefer to use defaults where possible. Looking at the config dump, the softkeys appear to be setup properly, but do not display as listed in the config. I have attached a cfg and log file for reference.

Firmware version


<Key Type="Empty"/>
<Key Type="History"/>
<Key Type="Switch"/>
<Key Type="Favorite"/>
<Key Type="GPickup"/>
<Key Type="DPickup"/>
<Key Type="Retrieve"/>
<Key Type="Send"/>
<Key Type="IME"/>
<Key Type="Delete"/>
<Key Type="Cancel"/>
<Key Type="Send"/>
<Key Type="IME"/>
<Key Type="Delete"/>
<Key Type="Cancel"/>
Quick update -- I reverted to firmware version, and the softkey labels now appear normally. So, it appears that this issue was introduced in the latest version of firmware.

I re-updated to the latest version, and the broken softkey labels re-appeared, so it does not appear to be an issue with a single upgrade.

For now, I will be using version, but I would like to keep this updated to the latest version when this is fixed. Thank you!
Thanks to your opinions. We have reproduced this issue. I have submitted this issue to our R&D. They will fix it in V73.
We have exactly the same issue here on our T19 phones with the latest firmware loaded.
(05-13-2014 03:45 AM)gbizit Wrote: [ -> ]We have exactly the same issue here on our T19 phones with the latest firmware loaded.

Good to know I'm not crazy! Thanks.
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