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Full Version: YeaLink Firmware Update 72.0.25
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Are the release notes complete for the new X.72.0.25 firmware that came out? Just seems like for a T46 there is almost nothing listed on the release notes and i cant believe YeaLink would release updated pointless firmware.

Could the please be more complete.
Release notes say it is a bug fix firmware.

"No new features added on the new commercial version."

This happens when bugs are found and need to be pushed out quickly.

What features are you waiting for?
The release notes only show 3 bug fixes in this release and 2 of them are specific to the T2 series... I was just expecting for a firmware update there would be more.

1. Fixed the issue that the certificate was lost in the probabilistic when the phone was
reset to factory.
2. Fixed the issue with the T2 series that the LLDP didn’t send the packet any more
after a few hours.
3. Fixed the translation errors of Polish on the T2 series sip phones.

As far as waiting for features. As posted a while back.
1) Transfer + Prefix + BLF to not strip the Prefix.
2) T46G Remove the blank person image to allow for more caller ID room.
I asked for #2 the day the phone was released almost...
Hi all,

Sorry. We will solve and add those issues and features in V73.
How soon with V73 be released? Are we talking weeks or months or years?
We will release V73 in July or August.
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