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Full Version: Skypemate Problem
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Hello friends at Yealink,

I've been using Skypemate and a USB adapter for many years now, but I recently upgraded my OS to Windows 7 and now I'm having a problem with Skypemate. I can make one call, but when I hang up and try to make a second call, nothing happens, the number is not dialed by Skype. The only way I can fix this is to exit Skypemate and re-open it. If anyone knows what's causing this, I'd appreciate it. I've tried different versions of Skype and Skypemate but no luck.

I don't know your USB phone model. Please refer to the user manual for more details.
You can ask your distributor for help.
Can anyone tell me where I can download Skypemate 6?

(09-21-2014 11:21 PM)GuiL Wrote: [ -> ]Can anyone tell me where I can download Skypemate 6?
I didn't mention that I need Skypemate for Windows 7
Hi Guil,

Sorry, I only find the SkypeMate5.0.0.7. If your SkypeMate version is not newer than it, you can try it. BTW, It only supports the skype version before December 2013. You can get the firmware from below link:


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