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Full Version: Yealink Conference Phone?
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Dear Yealink

We are an ITSP in South Africa.

We sell Yealink as our brand of choice over all others. We find your products easy to use, of good quality and reliable.

However we are still forced to sell Polycom Soundstations Conference phones as you do not offer a conference phone yet.

Please would you seriously consider adding one or two versions to your product line up.

The cost of the Polycom conconference phones is ridiculously high and turns many people off from using a conference phone at all.

It is the one type of phone missing from your impressive line up.

Two versions would be good.

A basic T20P level conference phones without extender mics for small boardrooms at the best possible price and a T42G level one with extender mic capability at a higher price for larger boardrooms.

We know you will find the perfect balance between deisgn, form, function and value. As you have proven to do so, time and time again.

Many Thanks
George Golding
Euphoria Telecom
Second this request.
Thanks to your opinions. Smile
I believe this is being released soon check out for aa sneak peak
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