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Full Version: T21PE2 and Grandstream UCM6100
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How do I provision the T21PE2 for a Grandstream 6100 PBX

I have some Yealink T21PE2 and I want to provision them for the UCM6100

When the T21PE2 boots it gets an IP address from the UCM6100 but does not show up in the Zero Config list of discovered devices. Discovery uses ping

So what do I need to go to get the T21PE2 to work on Grandstream PBX

thanks for your information

as Grandstream is a competitors to Yealink , so Yealink phones and other third party IP phones will have low compatibility to GS PBX.

it is advised to use a third server like http/tftp/ftp/https to provision Yealink phones , it is also convenient !

you can find more details from below link :

Yealink Wiki :
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